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Research Paper Planner: Guide

The links in this Guide will help you meet the research schedule laid out in the Research Paper Planner and support your research for completing essays, research papers, and theses. The schedule portion is located at

4: Design Your Research Strategy (basic)

When you have formulated your research question and have a clear idea of what  you are hoping to research, you are ready to begin the search for bibliographic resources. But before proceeding directly to search for resources, take a few minutes to formulate a research strategy. A research strategy is an organized "plan of attack" for consulting resources. Utilizing a research strategy is the best way to ensure that you cover all relevant search tools, which reduces the risk of missing anything important. It will also help further acclimate you to your topic, help identify gaps in your knowledge and provide leads for further exploration. The ordered links below offer a model research strategy.

Research for Specific Areas

The information in the box to the left is good, general information.  If you are working in the areas of Business, Education, or other specific areas of study, we have more focused guides to help you out.  Check them out below.

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