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Discovering Armstrong Browning Library Resources

Some helpful hints for searching the ABL's databases of materials

Introducing Baylor Libraries "Digital Collections"

Baylor Libraries Digital Collections is home to ALL digitized content from EACH of Baylor Libraries various special collections.

Screenshot of Baylor Libraries Digial Collections Home Page

Hints for Searching Baylor Libraries "Digital Collections"

To limit your search to the Armstrong Browning Library's materials in Digital Collections you will need to use the "Advanced Search" feature in Digital Collections.

"Advanced Search" links on Baylor Libraries Digital Collection home page are highlighted.

Start by entering your keywords into the search boxes at the top of the page.

From there scroll down to "Collections" and select which of the ABL's collections you would like to search.


Very important! If you selected "The Browning Letters" you must continue scrolling down to the "Custodian" limiter option. From here select "Baylor University - Armstrong Browning Library."


Hints for Evaluating Results in Baylor Libraries "Digital Collections"

Once you have a selected a search result to examine more closely, you may either open the item in a new tab or select the resource. From the resource page you may use the tabs below the header to "Return to list" or progress through the results ("Next asset")

Scrolling to the "Search Results" tab at the bottom of the page, will reveal why the result is considered relevant.

Many resources in Baylor Libraries Digital Collections have "Transcripts" available. The transcript is not for the full document, but the portion displayed and typically lacks paragraph breaks. The keywords present should be highlighted in the transcript.



Requesting Resources from "Digital Collections"

If you are interested in consulting resources that you found in Baylor Libraries Digital Collections, please contact the ABL (email with the resource's Title and Collection. An example is provided below:


ca. May 1890. Newman, F.W. "Notes" in the Armstrong Browning Library's Victorian Collection.

University Libraries

One Bear Place #97148
Waco, TX 76798-7148

(254) 710-6702