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dataZoa lets users locate, download and manage data.

Getting started with dataZoa

It all starts with dataZoa's path-breaking dZ-Dot  browser add-on.   The add-on precedes you as you visit any of hundreds of supported sites, cleans up the available data, and places the dZ-Dot next to it, showing that it's ready to Drag into your dataZoa account.

Before you start dragging data to your account, you need to sign up for a dataZoa account.




Once you have your account, Add the green dataZoa Dot to your tool bar. 

Get the dZ-dot         (


Once you have the dZ-dot, your dot resides in your toolbar


Now you are ready to begin adding data to your Dropzone. 

   Any dataseries marked with the dZ-dot can be dragged/dropped into your Dropzone.  

                By clicking on the green dZ-dot, options for sending your dataseries into DataZoa are shown:



  • To send a dataseries to dataZoa, just click on the word "data" in that option.  This will automatically send the dataseries to your dataZoa account.
  • To drag the dataseries into your account, grab the green dZ-dot and drop it on the "dataZoa drop target" on your dataZoa account page.                     



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