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dataZoa lets users locate, download and manage data.

dataZoa dropZone

When you import data into dataZoa, it lands here in the "Dropzone"

The Dropzone contains all the data series you have brought into dataZoa.  Your most recently imported data series are listed first.  As new series are added to dataZoa, they are arranged in "dataBlocks".  The dataBlock contains the title of the data series, the provider, and the data frequency along with options for sharing the series.

By clicking on the gear icon in the left corner of each dataBlock, you will be able to access the tools menu for that block.

This menu gives you tools to manage the dataBlock and to work with your data series to make tables and charts.


Clicking on the data series title will bring up a chart for that data series which can be downloaded, embedded, emailed or sent via text to a smart phone.


Placing your cursor in the line for a data series will bring up the blue "i" information dot. Clicking on this dot will bring up a documentation box for that series.

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