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Arts Center - Rare Books and Manuscripts

Collections housed in the Arts and Special Collections Research Center / Moody Memorial Library


The Arts and Special Collections Research Center holds over 48,000 rare and unique items. In this guide we are highlighting rare books and manuscripts. These include books published before 1801 covering a wide range of subject matter, as well as exquisite replicas of medieval works. See some of the first items printed on a press, hold documents created in our country’s infancy, read sermons preached centuries ago, investigate rare Bibles, or experience beautiful illuminations in our manuscript facsimiles.


Find and Access

Published materials can be discovered in OneSearch. Materials in the Special Collections will display a status of "By Appointment Only".  

Once you have identified an item or items that you would like to use, please use the Request a Visit form.




This guide serves as a starting point for research and engagement with these unique and rare collections.  It provides access to selected resources as well as instructional material to support your curriculum or individual research.


The Arts and Special Collections Research Center encourages students, faculty, visiting researchers and members of the community to explore our unique collections.

Special Collections require extra care and protection due to their unique nature.  This means they are kept in spaces that do not allow public access and you will need to make an appointment to view them.

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