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GBL 1205/1305: Transition to the U.S. University: Library Resources

This guide will show you how to use the Baylor Libraries' resources to find the kind of reliable and scholarly articles you need to use for an argumentative paper.


 Welcome to the Transition to the U.S. University Resources Guide!

This guide will help you successfully find the outside sources you need to write your argumentative paper for this class. It is divided into four (4) sections:

  1. A video on how to download and use Zotero (and a guide to take you step-by-step through dowloading and learning Zotero)
  2. A video and instruction on using the source Credo to help you find other search words and ideas before you go to Step 3
  3. A video demonstrating how to use the database MAS Complete to find outside articles and showing some cues to decide if an article is reliable or scholarly
  4. A short presentation on academic communication that will help you understand how academic writers use several academic articles to build their arguments and create new knowledge.

Please reach out to me using the contact information on the left side of this page if you have any questions.


This guide is meant for students in GBL 1205/1305: Transitions to the U.S. University. It will be used in combination with a library instruction session.


ThLamp Postis library guide is part of our “library basics” literacy tier. In this tier you will be introduced to the basics of academic libraries. The lamppost represents the first stage in the development of your research skills and includes things like using information ethically, participating in the scholarly conversation, learning the basics of searching, and learning how to get more help when you need it.

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