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3D Print Requests

The Moody Makerspace can assist you with your first 3D prints. Limited 3D print fulfillment is also available under special circumstances. This guide introduces that process.

3D Print Requests

We want everyone to learn how to 3D print for themselves, but we understand that some people just don't have time (or interest) in gaining knowledge and skill in this form of making. If you want an item printed but simply don't have an interest in learning the process, you can use our Print Request service to have our staff complete a print on your behalf. 

We offer two different methods of printing:  

  • Filament Printing -- This method uses a hardened plastic filament that is extruded in layers to form your object. It is the most cost effective option and best suited for larger parts (2" to 10") that don't require a lot of detail. For example, a low-poly bear statue for your desk, a phone case, or a replacement part for a piece of IKEA furniture.  
  • Resin Printing -- This method uses a liquid resin that is cured in layers to form your object. It is more expensive, but results in a very smooth finish and can handle higher detail requirements on a small scale (0.50" to 4").  For example, tabletop gaming miniatures, jewelry pieces for creating molds, or small replicas of historical artifacts. ​​​​

DISCLAIMER: Academic requests are prioritized over personal projects. If your need is personal, you may need to wait a bit for a printer to become available. For filament requests, you may be able to accomplish your print faster by coming to the Moody Makerspace to learn how to 3D print for yourself!


There are two ways to pay, depending on your need:  

  • PawPrints -- PawPrints can be used for smaller requests but at a higher cost, since those funds cannot be used to restock our material supplies. 
    • $0.15 per gram of filament
    • $1.50 per mL of resin
  • ELC Storefront -- The ELC Storefront can be used for larger requests but requires a credit/debit card payment. Since funds can be used to restock our supplies, we charge at a much lower rate for this option.
    • $0.03 per gram of filament
    • $0.30 per mL of resin



STL is a common format for the exchange of 3D models. Most modeling software should support this export format.




Fill out your contact information, attach your .STL file, supply any notes or special instructions, and submit!




We check your model for printability and respond with a cost estimate.




If you agree with the cost, you can either pay using PawPrints (we submit the charge on your behalf) or you can pay using the ELC Storefront (and attach a proof of purchase to your response). 




Once payment has been received, we will start your print and let you know when you can pick it up! 

Filament Requests

Use this form for larger parts (2" to 10") that don't require a lot of detail or that are functional in nature: 



Resin Requests

Use this form for smaller parts (0.50" to 4") that require lots of detail and are primarily decorative: 



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