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3D Print Requests

The Moody Makerspace can assist you with your first 3D prints. Limited 3D print fulfillment is also available under special circumstances. This guide introduces that process.

3D Print Requests

We'd like everyone to gain confidence in the skills required for 3D printing. We know this takes time, so we designed this process allowing you to walk through the 3D printing steps with one of our maker interns. Their involvement will vary, so read below about the steps and costs, and submit an item for review.

If you need help with the design, send us what you have, even a picture, and let's talk about what your options are.

DISCLAIMER: Our first interest is in academic and other university projects. Personal projects are secondary to these requests, so don't be surprised if we aren't immediately available to work on your project with you.

Please be aware of our Library Policy on Making

The Process Works Like This:

PREPARE your .STL file

STL is a common format for the exchange of 3-D models. Most modeling software should support this export format (may require a plugin).



UPLOAD your file

Fill out your contact information, attach your .STL file, supply any notes or special instructions, and submit!



We EVALUATE your model

We check your model for printability and notify you. Approved models accompanied by a cost estimate.



Join us to PRINT your model

Check makerspace open hours and visit to learn more about and start the printing process. When complete, you will be notified and receive an invoice by email (declining PawPrints balance).



You COLLECT your item at HelpDesk+

Come to the makerspace during open hours to pick up your print!


A flat rate of $2.00 is charged for evaluation of your .STL file and setup of the printer. 3-D prints are charged at a rate of $.10/gram.

How much is a gram?



No cash or equivalent payments required. All invoices are handled by PawPrints, and paid from a customer's semester free quota. Customers who overdraw their semester balance, will have the overdrawn amount transfered to their student bill at the end of each semester. More billing details in our PawPrints FAQs.

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