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ARTH 2302 Survey of Western Art I

TimelineJS Resources for the Greek and Roman Project

Easy Timelines with TimelineJS

Note: The information below is incorrect and was created by someone with absolutely no knowledge of Art History. It is merely shown here as an example.

TimelineJS allows you to create a visually attractive timeline that may incorporate a variety of media. Created by the Knight Lab at Northwestern University, the tool is primarily intended for journalists but can be used in many disciplines and is particularly useful for digital humanities projects. (quoted from here)

Enter data into Google Sheets and generate an interactive timeline

Key Features

  • Headline
  • Text
  • Dates
  • Tag
  • Media
  • Media Caption
  • Media Credit

Everyone will need a Google account (free) in order to use the TimelineJS Google Sheet. Any account from a Google product, such as YouTube, will work perfectly.

If you do not have a Google account, here are 5 Easy Steps to Create a Google Account on Any Device.

Of the various columns in the TimelineJS Google Sheet template, this project requires you to only use the following:

Google Sheet Column

Required Formatting

copy and paste into Google Sheet cell

Column A: Year
This is the year the piece was created.

This must be a positive or negative number. No letters. No punctuation.

Use negative to represent BCE. For example, -580 is 580 BCE.

Column E: End Year (optional)
If the piece was created over a range of years, enter the ending year here.

Column J: Headline

This will be the title of the piece.

TITLE: enter title here

Column K: Text

This will contain the additional slide identification items. Title is already in the Headline.

Note: To avoid pasting the content to the right without it pasting down to multiple rows:

  1. Double-click in the Text cell in your Google Sheet
  2. Paste the content using CRTL/CMD-V
  3. Press Enter/Return on your keyboard






<br> NOTES:

Column L: Media

This will contain the url to the image.

Use this image directory to identify the image to use.

Locate the image you want to include on your timeline and then copy the URL beneath the image. This is what you should paste into TimelineJS.

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