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Recording Logs in Kaltura

How to record logs for Kaltura troubleshooting.

Recording Logs in Kaltura Capture

Uploading Logs from Kaltura Capture

If Kaltura Capture is experiencing errors, logs may be useful to help Kaltura diagnose the issue. Thankfully, collecting and uploading logs is built right into the program.

To upload logs, open Kaltura Capture and click Manage:


Next, navigate to the Settings tab and click Collect and Upload App Logs:


NOTE: It is important to collect logs as close to the issue occurrence as possible, as the content of logs is updated periodically. It may be necessary to recreate the issue immediately before uploading logs.

When the logs have finished uploading, you will be provided a long string of characters, like this:


Copy this string of characters and email it to along with a description of your issue.

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