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CSS 3311 Interpersonal Communication (Phillips)

Investigate your Article

All the following articles can be found in the database Communication and Mass Media Complete

Questions to ask when investigating your article
  1. How many citations does your article have?
  2. Where do most of the citations show up in the article?
  3. What is the oldest citation?
  4. What resource is cited the most?
  5. What author is cited the most?

(Remember, CTRL-F (find) can be your friend with some of these questions...)

Explore the Guide on the topic of Interpersonal Communication

What are the Oxford Bibliographies?

Oxford Bibliographies is a peer-reviewed online reference resource authored by top scholars. The articles in Oxford Bibliographies are meant to be selective guides through the literature on your topic.

Questions to ask when exploring the Oxford Bibliography on Interpersonal Communication
  1. Is there a resource in the bibliography that is cited in your article?
  2. What is the context in which it is cited?  (i.e. is the article agreeing with the article, disagreeing, extending the argument, using it for a definition or a method? Or something else?)

(Each article should have at least one citation to a resource in the bibliography - if you can't find it, please ask me!)

Use Google Scholar to go Forward in Time

What is Google Scholar?  

Google Scholar provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature (articles, books, theses, etc)  - it uses the Google search engine algorithm to search across scholarly publishers, university repositories, professional societies, and academic websites.  

One great feature of Google Scholar is the "Cited by" feature, which lets you see the list of academic works that have cited the work you have found.

Questions to ask when using Google Scholar
  1. How many times has your article been cited?
  2. Take a look at the list of works that have cited it: what disciplines are they from?  Are they all from communication? 
  3. Choose one of the works that has cited it: in what context have they cited your article? 
    (Refer to the previous question about context for ideas...)
  4. How many times has the article you found in Oxford Bibliographies been cited? 

Thinking about Citation

Reflection Exercise

Please use this link to find a quick 5 question reflection on the exercises you did today in class.

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