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ENG 3326: Public & Civic Writing: Rhetorical Analysis I: Biographies

Resources for the various projects and assignments you will complete in this class.

Biographical Information - Individuals

Biographies organized by COUNTRY/NATIONALITY (must be dead to be included):

Biographies organzied by CAREER or PROFESSION:

Biographies of LIVING Individuals (including those who may now be dead):


A good obituary is a great source of information. You can use the two or three sources listed below, or Google your person's name followed by obituary.

"Biographical" Information - Organizations

Grass Roots Movements & Groups

Black Lives Matter




These groups and movements can all be researched, but the more recently they have occurred the more widely you will want to search. I'll demo how to research both the Black Lives Matter movement and the #MeToo campaign/movement to demonstrate how to search for "biographies of these types of groups.

Businesses, Organizations, Non-Profits

These groups often have to be legitimized in some way and because of this are easier to search. They can be searched in online catalogues as you would search for people, by their name. You can add history to the search to see if there are focused works on these groups: American Red Cross historyfor example.

You can also try searching in business databases for information on them. I've listed two below that might help.

Book-length Biographies

To search for book-length, scholarly biographies about a person:

  1. go to BearCat and select the General Subjects (LCSH) box (this will search for works about your person and leave out works he or she has written). 
  2. Enter their name in the "Last name, first name" format and click the Search button (or hit the Enter key on the keyboard). 
    1. If you get no results, first make sure you have correctly spelled the person's name (especially names of individuals from ancient Greece or Rome, saints, kings and queens and rulers, or foreign names that may involve a double last name). 
    2. If you still find nothing, try WorldCat - which will search libraries across the United States.  We can borrow books from these libraries for you.  You may use the 

button or the link Request via Interlibrary Loan to order the book.  Books will take about 7 - 10 days to arrive.


Zuni women making pottery
Letter Writer by artist Eleanor Moore
Queen Victoria in robes of state

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