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THEA x103 Musical Theatre Studio: Scavenger Hunt

Library guide for THEA 2103, 3103, and 4103 --Musical Theatre Studio

The Scavenger Hunt

Photo from Arthur Jones' play "The Masqueraders", New York Empire Theatre, ca. 1895

Your Quest


Using the tools and resources on the Musical Theatre Studio guide, . . .

  1. Locate and retrieve a book about musical theatre from the Baylor Libraries. List the title call number and why it's interesting to you.

  2. Using the Internet Broadway Database, find a musical that opened in the year you were born and list the show and year.

  3. Using the Internet Broadway Database, find an award for best musical from the year you were born and list the show and year.

  4. Using, find a ballad for a character that's your actual age and voice type.  List the song and the show it's from as well as the original key and vocal range of the song.

  5. Find a musical score in the Baylor Libraries that includes excerpts from musicals. List the call number, title, and your favorite song from the score.

  6. Find a score of a complete musical in the Baylor Libraries.  List the call number,  title, and your favorite song from the show.

  7. Using The American musical theatre song encyclopedia, identify the first person to sing "Old Man River." 

  8. Locate two video recordings of shows that the Baylor Libraries provides access to (one on DVD and one streaming video). Check out the DVD from the Crouch Fine Arts Library desk and list both shows.

  9. Locate a song from the Spencer collection (online or in the card catalog) and list the song title, composer, and call number.

  10. How would you go about making an appointment with the theatre librarian and what meeting location would you choose?



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