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ENG 3316 Women's Writing & Rhetoric: Searching for Your Woman

Simplify Your Search by Dividing It

I suggest that you search for your woman twice. You'll be able to focus your attention better if you do this and I've organized the information on this page by this division.

First Search: search for works written by your woman. 

Second Search: search for works written about your woman

Works Written BY Your Woman

We are going to use OneSearch to locate the works written by your woman because it will find books, ebooks, government documents, journal articles, newspaper articles, etc. in on search. The Baylor Libraries may not own everything that your woman wrote, so after you search OneSearch, you'll want to search WorldCat as well (instructions in the next box below).

For any search for works your woman has authored you will want to use the Advanced search features (or "More Options"):

An advanced search screen will have multiple search boxes, usually with a pull-down menu for Fields and  pull-down menu with AND in it:

Choose the field option for AUTHOR and type your woman's name in, Last Name first.

I've given you a link below to the advanced search screen, which will open in a new window.

Works Written ABOUT Your Woman

Next, we'll search for works written about your woman using the OneSearch advanced search screen:

You want to select the field option SUBJECT TERMS and enter your woman's name Last Name first. The results list will include about 95% of what Baylor owns (if anything) on your woman - print or digital. 

If you are noticing results from the Zeta Children's and Young Adult Collection and you don't want children's books, go back to the advanced search screen and add this information:

  • at the end of the first line change the AND to NOT
  • on the second line chose the field option SUBJECT TERMS and in the search box add the term JUVENILE

this will eliminate any children's books that are in your search results.

Other Useful Subject Terms

If you want to approach your reading by one type of writing at a time, you can do so easily by adding any one of these SUBJECT TERMS to your search as we added JUVENILE above. Just use the AND connector.


BIBLIOGRAPHY (A gold mine - someone else has done the work to find all the papers written by your woman and all those about her up to about 2 years prior to the bibliography's publication date)


HISTORIOGRAPHY (returns results, if any, on how views and understandings of your woman have changed over time, so not for the most contemporary women)

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