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MH 4372 - Bereavement: Library Essentials

Where to Start - Encyclopedias

The encyclopedias (and some books) I am listing here are specific to their subject and will provide you a basic introduction to that creed's viewpoints on suffering, death, grief, and afterlife.  You can't know everything, so these encyclopedias will help you understand the perspective(s) from a spirituality other than your own. Where possible, I've linked to the online version of the item.

I will be adding to this list as the semester goes on, so check back for updates.

Journal Sources

If you are curious about what others are saying and want to join in that scholarly conversation, the surest way to find scholarship on your topic is to use a database focused on the topic you want.  There are many disciplines which research end of life and bereavement from religion and philosophy to psychology and sociology.  I've listed the key databases that index scholarly publications on this topic.  If you are looking for articles and resources for the general public, I recommend using Baylor's OneSearch, which will search our entire collection (books, articles, etc.).  You can narrow the search results to get a more reasonable number of items.

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