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Career Resources and Tools: Curriculum Vitae

This guide contains tools that will help you as you start the job search process. It also contains career service resources that can assist you as begin your career path here at Baylor University.

CV Resources

What is a CV (and how is it different from my resume)?

Curriculum Vitae is Latin for "course of one's life" and is a history of your career and life.  A CV is different from a resume ("summary") in both length and content.

  • Length

           A resume is 2 pages or less while a CV will be 2 or more pages in length.

  • Content

           A resume includes your full name, contact information, education and work experience and any work-related skills.  In addition to these parts, a CV may contain information such as awards, teaching experience, fellowships, hobbies and interests and references.  Things not to include are photos, salary history, why you left a job or references (these should be made available upon request).

 A CV is used to apply for academic, educational, scientific, and research positions or for a fellowship or grant in the United States or Canada.  Outside of the United States or Canada, an employer expects to receive a CV when you apply for a job while in the United States and Canada, a resume is used with job applications.

Writing your CV

Points to keep in mind when writing your CV:

  • Keep it truthful
  • Keep it concise
  • Be sure to proof read
  • List events in chronological order
  • Choose an appropriate format and font

CV writing tips

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