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Creditable information is key to making your business venture a success. Here are found resources that can help provide the information you need.


People, people, people!  If you are looking for income levels, age ranges or a breakdown by population, the following resources can help you.  Look for these in the reference shelves on first floor Jones Library.

Consumer Spending

Looking for information concerning consumer spending habits and what they like to purchase?  The following resources will give you information about consumers by age,educational level, location, marital status and income level.  You can find these resources in the reference collection on 1st floor, Jones Library. 

Generational Groups

These books deal with specific generations and consumer groups.  Here you will find information on older americans, generation X, children and teens as well as topics such as home ownership and how we spend our time.

International demographics

If you are looking for non-US demographics, the following resources could prove helpful.

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