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The Saint John's Bible - Heritage Edition


Baylor University is proud to be home to one of a very limited number of St. John's Bible Heritage Editions, a "fine art reproduction of the original" work, which was conceived by Donald Jackson in the 1970s as a "masterpiece in art and biblical scholarship."

About the Saint John's Bible Heritage Edition

"The Saint John’s Bible Heritage Program is an international initiative for individuals and institutions to explore the artistic and spiritual beauty of The Saint John’s Bible.  Through its primary offering, the Heritage Edition, communities around the world can use this gift of sacred art to ignite their spiritual imaginations for generations to come." (Source: The St. John's Bible website,

The Baylor Libraries acquired copy number 105 (of 299 total copies) in 2019. The seven-volume, New Revised Standard edition of the Bible features 160 major illuminations and hundreds of additional illustrations that weave together the Biblical narrative in an awe-inspiring, visually-stunning manner. Mr. Jackson, who is the official calligrapher to Queen Elizabeth II, worked with the monks of St. John's Abbey and University in Minnesota to create this impressive work.

Baylor Libraries Team Visits St. John's Abbey

As part of the training process surrounding the acquisition of the Heritage Edition, a team of Baylor Libraries faculty and staff members traveled to Collegeville, MN to Saint John's Abbey, where the original Saint John's Bible is located. The video below documents their journey.


Arrange an In-Person Experience

To arrange an opportunity to view the Heritage Edition of the Saint John's Bible in person - as a research opportunity or for a classroom experience - please email the Arts and Special Collections Research Center.

For More Information on the St. John's Bible

The St. John's Abbey and University maintains an in-depth website on the process behind creating the St. John's Bible Heritage Edition and the symbolism behind its artwork.

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