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BUS 3315: Business Communications

Business research can often times be challenging. These are resources that can help with the process of researching a company or industry.

Form 990 - Who files one?

While a nonprofit's form 990 is a good place to gather more information about an organization, not all nonprofits are required to file a form 990.  The following are organizations that are not required to file a 990:

  • Small nonprofits with annual incomes of $25,000.00 or less
  • Faith-based organizations
  • Subsidiaries of other nonprofits
  • Nonprofits that are not in the system yet
  • Religious schools
  • Missions & missionary organizations
  • State institutions
  • Government corporations

Locating Form 990

Articles on Nonprofit organizations

Sources for information

Charities and nonprofits can be challenging to find information on as they are "neither fish nor fowl".  While they may operate as companies, they are not traded publically on the stock market and file few SEC forms to leave a paper trail for researchers to follow.  The resources listed below are some of the places to look for information on these groups.

University Libraries

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