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This guide redirects from our ChatBot service. It provides a brief overview of how to search in OneSearch.

Additional Resources

Searching by Title

  • Start your search in OneSearch, the big search bar on the library homepage.
  • Type the full title into the search bar and hit Search.
    • Tip! If you put a multi-word phrase, like a title, in quotation marks, you'll get results with those exact words in that exact order. This is useful when searching for titles, people, theories, and other named entities.
  • Use the filters on the left side of the screen to narrow down the results.
    • For example, if I'm looking for a physical copy of a book, I can add the Book filter under Resource Type, plus the Held In Library filter under Availability.

Searching by Subject

  • Start by breaking your research topic into key words and phrases.
    • For example, if my research question is, "What is the impact of distance learning on educational outcomes?," I might identify key phrases "distance learning" and "educational outcomes."
  • Add them to the OneSearch search bar, separated by Boolean operators like AND, OR, or NOT. 
  • Use the filters on the left side of the screen to narrow down the results as needed.
  • Take a look at the first few pages of results. Do you see multiple resources that are relevant to your topic?
  • If not, you need to adjust your search.
    • Try adding an additional relevant term to your search. For example, maybe you realize that all the results are about high school students, but you're researching college students.
    • Try substituting one of your key terms with a synonym or related idea. In this example, I could try "online learning" instead of "distance learning."
    • Try searching in a subject-specific database. You can search this list of databases by the field or subject (education, psychology, etc.), and then replicate your initial search in that database. 
  • If you're still struggling to find what you need, you can create a ticket for our staff or schedule an appointment with your librarian

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