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International Students

This guide showcases how the the Baylor Libraries serve our international students.

What We Have

The Libraries has films, music, and spoken word recordings (audiobooks) in two basic forms:

  1. Streaming (online)
  2. on disc (CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray discs)

This page will tell you how to find and use these items.

Films & Music on Disc

To find out if we have a film or documentary on disc, you can use OneSearch to search the title of the film, or to search for a specific actor or director. 

From the Libraries' home page, click on the advanced search link:

OneSearch advanced search

Then search for the film name, actor, or director you are looking for using the examples below to limit your search to Video/Film:

Search for a film name change the material type to video/film:

Search for an actor or director by name, keep the material type as video/film:

Search for a musician, composer, or band by name, change the material type to sound recordings:

Streaming Sources

To search for our streaming video collections, use one of these databases:

If your book was published in 1924 or earlier, you might be able to find a free audio version of it on the Librivox site (link below). This is a project run by volunteers, so the reading quality might not be professional, but it is usually good.

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