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Setting up an Account

logging in to pubmed display screenPubMed allows you to create an account via several avenues (even your Google account). Creating an account allows you to save searches, build collections, create filters, and much more.

If you click on the "log in" button at the top right of the PubMed homepage, you'll see an initial list of options for logging in to PubMed.  These are some of the most popular ways of signing in. 

How you choose to create your account will likely depend on how you'll use the database in the future. If you plan on saving a lot of searches that you hope to access even if/when you leave Baylor, you might want to use or create an ORCiD or NIH account. If you choose this option you'll need to navigate to the database through the library's website to authenticate so that the BUinfolinks button will appear.

However, if you are not concerned about future access you can log in using your institution. To do so, you'll click on "more login options" at the bottom of the list and in the search bar at the top, search for "Baylor." Click on "Baylor University" and you will be prompted to sign in and duo authenticate. Now you will have all the benefits of being logged in as well as the BUinfolinks button available. 

Getting Help

PubMed does offer a pretty extensive help page. However, be aware that the comprehensive help is all listed on a single page and can therefore sometimes be hard to navigate. To access the help page, go to the PubMed home page, scroll to the middle of the page and under "Learn" click on "FAQs & UserGuides"

The library also offers workshops on PubMed if you would prefer that method of training. You can view upcoming workshops in the box below. 

Platform Basics

a picture of the pubmed homepagePubMed offers both a simple search function through the box available on the homepage as well as an advanced searching option. The simple search is useful for finding literature quickly, while still allowing you to use commands.

If you click on "Advanced" under the homepage search box, you'll be taken to the advanced search page where you can build more extensive literature searches such as those for evidence synthesis like systematic reviews. 

At the very bottom of the page are helpful resources or tools for users to quickly access. 

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