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Museum Studies : Intro to Cultural Collections

Archives are historical documents and records including primary sources.  Baylor Libraries hold many archival collections in the special collections and libraries, but they've also invested in online archival collections from across the world that provide you with a rich view into historical research.

Differences?  Outside of obvious differences in online content vs. print, libraries have worked hard to maintain archival order and provide full text content in archival collections.  If you have any observations during this class about these differences, the libraries would love to hear from you.  Just drop me an email at

Best of Luck!

Archival Assignments Part I & II

*Full descriptions of assignments are located in your Canvas class pages.

Part I: Archival Exploration (Due Date: March 31, 2021)

Pick your topic  (Topics are listed on this guide on above tabs : American West, Women's Studies, Legal History, and Slavery in America)

Select 2 documents

Read your documents

Read and comment on the documents posted by a classmate

Tip:  These databases contain more than just archives and primary resources.  You'll need to look through their collections or guides to find original source material.  See tips from Prof. Holcomb on Canvas page.

Part II: Archival Transcription (Due March 31, 2021)

Select a transcription project (Projects are listed in the 'Transcription Projects' tab on the top of this guide.)

Sign up and/or register to transcribe documents

Complete 3 hours of transcription work

Post the results of your work to the Discussion Board in Canvas


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