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Exploratory visualization of a sample of the questions from the Baylor Religion Survey and classroom questions designed to learn how to use the visualization.

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Created by the Baylor Libraries Digital Scholarship Program

Designed to suit the needs of Dr. Jerry Park for SOC 5342, Spring 2018.

Visualization of Baylor Religion Survey (Wave 5)

Baylor Religion Survey

This exploratory visualization is designed to compare relationships between any two variables from the Baylor Religion Survey. (At the moment, the only available questions are single multiple-choice questions and not multi-question grids.) The visualization, created using Tableau Desktop, is password protected.

There is a dropdown menu each for the X-AXIS and Y-AXIS with packed bubbles showing frequency of the ordinal values within each selected axis parameter. Below, there is a scatter plot for the selected x- and y-axis and a regression line. Mouse over the regression line to view the linear equation, p-value, and r-squared. There is also a Control For... dropdown for categorical variables. Selecting a Control will enable the pie chart to show relative responses and will divide the scatter plot into each unique response. The two packed bubbles and the pie chart also act as a filter and can be used to filter all other visualization objects.

Link to Visualization

Visualization Prompts

  1. How many discrete answers are given for the question: How much would you say you trust people in general?

  2. How many survey respondents had 8 children at the time they took the survey?

  3. Is there a Direct or Inverse relationship between How religious do you consider yourself to be? and How old were you when your first child was born?

  4. Is there a significant relationship between X-AXIS: How often do you attend religious services at a place of worship? and Y-AXIS: How many hours did you work last week?

  5. What is the correlation (R^2) between X-AXIS: How often do you attend religious services at a place of worship? and Y-AXIS: How religious do you consider yourself to be?

  6. Of the various groups listed in the question Do you think of yourself as Republican, Democrat, or Independent?, which group has the highest correlation between X-AXIS: How spiritual do you consider yourself to be? and Y-AXIS: Overall, how satisfied are you with your sex life?

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