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Music - Black Gospel Research


Welcome to the world of Black Gospel music.  This guide offers support for basic library research, recommendations for background research, discographies, primary sources, and other sources. 

At the heart of of Black Gospel music research here at Baylor University Libraries is the Black Gospel Archive and Listening Center and the Black Gospel Music Restoration Project. With the help of passionate researchers, collectors, donors, and the staff of the Baylor Digital Collections team, this project successfully preserves Black Gospel recordings issued between the 1940s and the 1980s.  

Click here for more information about this restoration project.


This guide provides researchers with additional resources available here at Baylor and beyond.  If you are new to this music - welcome to a rich history full of topics to explore.  Whether you are interested in the history of the musicians, places, or the music itself, we have many resources here at Baylor to support your work. We encourage everyone to start by listening to these joyous sounds.


ThLamp Postis library guide is part of our “library basics” literacy tier. In this tier you will be introduced to the basics of academic libraries. The lamppost represents the first stage in the development of your research skills and includes things like using information ethically, participating in the scholarly conversation, learning the basics of searching, and learning how to get more help when you need it.

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