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Artemisia Gentileschi: Sources & Followers: Home

ARTH 4367 (Special Topics in Italian Renaissance and Baroque Art History)

Upload Images to Box

We will all use Box to host images for the Artemisia Dashboard


  1. Obtain Image File (.png or .jpg or .gif)
  2. Log into your Baylor Box account
  3. Create a new folder in Box named Artemisia Images
  4. screenshot  showing how to create a new folder i n Box

  5. Upload image
  6. Create sharable link (see video below, no audio

Comparison Essay

You will need 3 items for each comparison essay:

  1. Box Link to completed essay (step #4 below)
  2. ID number of Artemisia image (step #5 below)
  3. ID number of comparison artist's image (step #5 below)

Step #1: Select Artemisia image with an image from another artist as per instructions from Dr. Hornik

Step #2: Write an essay in Microsoft Word containing the requirements provided by Dr. Hornik

Step #3: Upload to your Baylor Box Account

Step #4: Obtain Box link

Step #5: On dashboard, note the ID number of the Artemisia image and the ID number of the other artist image

Step #6: Enter Artemisia ID, Other artist ID, and Box link to the Comparison-Contrast Essays tab of the Excel file

University Libraries

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Waco, TX 76798-7148

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