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This guide overviews the general resources available at or through Baylor University Libraries for students of Theology.
This panel was located on the back of the altarpiece, where the imagery was devoted to Christ’s Passion and his mission as teacher—apt subjects for the rear panels, which would have been seen only by clergy standing behind the altar. Here we find Jesus calling his first disciples. He approaches two fishermen at work on the Sea of Galilee: Simon, called Peter, and his brother Andrew. Their net is full when Jesus says to them: “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men” (Matthew 4:18).
Jacob's Ladder, c. 1745, by Joseph Wagner (publisher) after Jacopo Amigoni
Death of the Virgin, c. 1410, Attributed to Joshua Master
Mary Magdalen swoons in ecstasy as she is supported by winged putti below a group of refined celestial music-making angels. The two figure groups are united through gesture, glance, and expression to form one of Procaccini's most successful compositions.


This guide provides an overview of resources available for the study of theology. It is intended as a general guide. As such, the resources chosen for inclusion are those most likely to benefit persons studying theological questions in the Christian tradition.


This guide serves as a starting point for a basic introduction to theology, beginning research in the various aspects of theology as an academic discipline, or interdisciplinary work which intersects the study of theology.


This library guide is part of our “spotlight on the disciplines” literacy tier. In this tier you will be introduced to advanced academic research skills. These skills are developed by working with research librarians in upper-level courses specific to their discipline. The spotlight represents the in-depth instruction, library guides, advanced search strategies, and research consultations provided by the research & engagement librarians.

This guide will provide search strategies and specific resources related to theology.

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