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Primary Sources for World History since 1500: Welcome

Tips, resources, and strategies for completing the second primary source assignment for Dr. Daniel Barish's section of HIS 1305


In this class you have been exploring and interpreting primary source documents that have been selected for you and teaching your classmates what was important and/or interesting about this document.

This next assignment asks you to find a relevant primary source document that will help you answer the question: What was the impact of WWI on one of these countries: Russia, Japan, Germany, or China.

This guide is here to help you understand the types of primary sources, the limitations in their availability, and how best to find these sources in the Baylor Libraries books and electronic collections. 

I assure you that we have primary source documents for all of these countries that will help you answer the question posed.

Please use the link in the box to the right to either email me or set up an appointment with me. I'll be glad to help you as you work on this project.


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