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Consultations, Design, and Development

Consultations, Design, and Development

Consultations, Design, and Development

Online Program Design Consultations

Online students find the most success when programs are designed with a centralized vision and/or framework. This can include items or themes that are consistent across courses, including pedagogical frameworks, assessment frameworks, technologies and policies. The Learning Design Team is here to meet with faculty who are early in the process of proposing a new program to brainstorm innovative and differentiating design frameworks. 

Program Outcome Development and Mapping

Outcome Mapping is the process of aligning course-level learning objectives with program level outcomes to ensure students are learning. This learning is often articulated through direct measures of mastery that align with program level outcomes. The Learning Design Team is available to work with programs and/or individual faculty on the alignment of objectives, outcomes, and learning artifacts.  

Course Improvement

If you've developed and taught the course or if you're taking over a course created by someone else, and seeking improvements, our dedicated LXDs are here to offer improvement ideas. We will help you assess the course's strengths and challenges, including an alignment review of course objectives, assessments, and content. Additionally, we can conduct an informal quality standards review using the OSCRQ (Online Student Course Review Questionnaire). Please be assured that any findings from the Baylor OSCQR review will be treated confidentially, shared exclusively between the LXD and the faculty member. Our goal is to provide enhancements that enrich the overall student learning experience.

Online Course Design and Development

The Learning Design Team Instructional Designers are available to collaborate with faculty on the development of new online courses whether they are part of an online program or an individual offering. Our Instructional Designers can assist with developing online appropriate learning activities, assessments, engagement strategies and with overall course structure.  Contact any team member.

Instructional Strategies Brainstorming

In a rut or looking for alternative activities for your students? Do you have learning experiences that seem not to meet your expectations? The Learning Design Team is happy to brainstorm adjustments to existing learning activities or work with faculty on alternative strategies that meet faculty expectations and course learning objectives.

Teaching with Canvas Consultations

Innovate your classroom with features of Canvas. Canvas when embraced fully has great potential to support a dynamic student learning experience. The Learning Design Team can work with faculty individually or in small groups to reimagine their use of Canvas.

Teaching with Academic Technology Consultations

Academic technology provides faculty with opportunities to engage students in quite dynamic ways. The challenge with technology is selecting the correct technology from what amounts to an endless list of options. The Learning Design Team can help faculty sift through the endless possibilities by helping faculty match the right technology to their learning objectives.

Authentic Learning Design Consultation

Growing evidence points to the importance of authentic learning and assessment. The ability for students to represent mastery of concepts through learning activities that replicate the real-world tasks they will be asked to complete by an employer or in graduate school is critically important to their future success. Have an idea? The Learning Design Team is available for consultative brainstorming and guidance for developing authentic learning and assessment opportunities.

Test Design and Delivery Consultation

Faculty and Instructors use tests and quizzes for a number of educational reasons including knowledge checks and formal assessments. The Learning Design Team is knowledgeable in guidelines and best practices for developing reliable and valid assessments. The Team is also equipped to help faculty with designing exams in Canvas and strategies for delivering secure tests.

Rubric Development Consultation

Rubrics are a positive solution to the sometimes uncertainty students have when completing assignments. Rubrics clarify a set of grading criteria, levels of performance, and descriptions of the levels. They also facilitate consistency when assessing student work. The Learning Design team is available to assist with faculty who would like to explore and develop rubrics for course assignments.

Customized Workshops/Webinars

The Learning Design team professionals with years of experience across multiple domains can add value to any curriculum, instructional or technology needs you have by creating customized training opportunities for you and your colleagues. The development of customized training/workshops is a collaborative effort designed to meet agreed upon learning outcomes.

Online Course Content Development

Interactive Media Design and Development

Do you have complicated concepts that would be better expressed through interactive media? The Learning Design Team would like to partner with faculty on the development of interactive eLearning modules, simulations and animated videos. We have new tools and skills that can assist faculty with interactive ways to convey complicated concepts.

Customized Canvas Template Creation

The Learning Design Team has created a number of Canvas Course Templates that can be found on the Canvas Commons. If you do not find a template that matches your needs, the Learning Design Team is happy to create customized course templates for you or your program using the CidiLab Design Tools within Canvas. Along with customized templates the team is happy to provide one-on-one or small group trainings on how to use the customized templates.

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