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BUS 5390: Management Communication (Alford)

Here users will find library resources and other additional materials to aid them in conducting research on selected topics.

Company & Industry resources

Click on the CC to turn off the captioning.

Click on the CC to turn off the captioning.

Click on the CC to turn off the captioning.

Company analyst reports

To locate an analyst report in InvesText, use the instructions below to find analyst reports for companies . Select NO DATE RANGE for best results.

1. Open Mergent online and click on the "InvesText" tab at the top of the search screen.

2.  Select Company Name or Ticker and type your company's name into the box.

3.  Select Report Style and type Company (Equity) Reports into the box.

4.  Select Contributor  - a contributor name may be typed into the box or the Use contributor lookup link may be used to select contributors.

5.  Click on Submit to view number of matches or View to see reports.

Once you have searched for a company report in the S&P NetAdvantage database, you will be able to locate the CFRA analyst report for the company by using the "Investment Research" link which is located in the left column.

Once in the Investment research area, CFRA reports are located below the search box.  Click on the pdf in the right column to open the report.  The report that is located at the top of the column should be the most recent report.

To find the Analyst's report for a company, type the company's name in the search box, then click on the "Quote" button.

Once you have clicked on the "Quote" button, your report will appear on the next page.  Look for the Commentary which is located directly below the company ranking scores.

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