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Artists Books from the Baylor Book Arts Collection (2015 exhibit)

Virtual exhibition catalogue for the February 2015 exhibit in the Crouch Fine Arts Library.

About This Guide

This guide serves as a virtual exhibition catalogue from an exhibition of artists' books selected from the Baylor Book Arts Collection, exhibited  February - March 2015. The exhibit was designed by Ben Johansen and Megan Martinsen with photography by Ben Johansen.

Images from Exhibit

What is an artist's book?

An artist’s book is a medium of artistic expression that uses the form or function of “book” as inspiration. It is the artistic initiative seen in the illustration, choice of materials, creation process, layout and design that makes it an art object. . . .What truly makes an artist’s book is the artist’s intent, and artists have used the book as inspiration in a myriad of ways and techniques, from traditional to the experimental. The book could be made through fine press printing or hand-crafted, the pages illustrated with computer-generated images or cheap photocopies; books became sculptures, tiny and gargantuan; books were sliced up and reconfigured, made from all kinds of materials with unconventional objects incorporated, in unique or limited editions, or produced in multiple copies. With all sorts of ideas behind them, artists continue to challenge the idea, content and structure of the traditional book.

                -Anne Evenhaugen, The Smithsonian Libraries Unbound blog 


"Artist's books are works of art that take the form of a book. They are typically created by artists who use the book form as a medium for their creative expression. Artist's books can take many different forms, from traditional bound books to sculptural works, and they often incorporate a range of materials, such as paper, fabric, found objects, and even electronics.

Artist's books can be viewed as an extension of traditional book-making and publishing practices, but with an emphasis on experimentation, innovation, and artistic expression. They are often produced in small editions or as unique, one-of-a-kind objects, and are collected by museums, libraries, and individual art collectors.

Artist's books have a long and rich history, with roots in the avant-garde movements of the early 20th century, including Dada, Surrealism, and Fluxus. They continue to be an important and influential form of contemporary art, and are celebrated for their ability to challenge traditional notions of what a book can be and how it can function."  (ChatGPT response to "define artists' books")

List of Artists Books included in the Exhibit

Click on titles for more information about each work.

1. Stephanie Stigliano. City sights and sounds

2. Sam Antonacci. Point of origin

3. Michelle Ray. God created the sea and painted it blue so we'd feel good on it

4. Karen Kunc. Ten thousand things

5. Brian Dettmer. Original fan

6. Susan Joy Share. Barefeet

7. Sarah Press. Evolve = unroll

8. Mark Head. Khorlo in blues

9. Zena Zipporah. Famous women as Victorians

10. Laura Russell. Anything helps

11. Amy Pirkle. Smoke

12. Jennifer Brook. Descendant

13. Elsi Vassdal Ellis. Altered state one

14. Guy Himber. V & A Steamworks

15. Linda Welch. Nothing's ever clear

16. Merike van Zanten. Bounties of nature

17. Lois Morrison. Incarnations

18. Alicia Bailey. Euxoa auxiliara

19. Carolyn Shattuck. The quilts of Gee's Bend vol. 2

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