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Open Access Publishing Opportunities Facilitated by Baylor Libraries: Home

Lists of publishers for which Baylor Libraries has agreements for Open Access Publishing Fee discounts

Open Access Publishing Oportunities Facilitated by Baylor Libraries

Open Access Publishing allows researcher's publications to be read freely by anyone.  Publishing open access supports equity, reproducibility, and greater dissemination of ideas.  However, often an Article/Author Publication Charge (APC) is required to publish openly. 

Baylor Libraries is working with publishers to lower this barrier to open access publishing.

If you have questions about open access publishing and APCs, please email us

Read and Publish Agreements

Read and Publish (aka transformative) agreements promote the dissemination of institutional research through open access, i.e., the public does not need a subscription to read the papers, without requiring payment of Article/Author Publishing Charges (APC) since the option is enabled by the library’s contractual agreement with the publisher. 

APC Discount Agreements

Some publishers offer discounts for Article/Author Publishing Charges through the library's subscriptions and memberships.

American Chemical Society Publications


  • Agreement between Texas Library Coalition for United Action (TLCUA) and Elsevier (including search for participating journals)
  • 15% discount for Gold Open Access Journals (not including Lancet and Cell Press journals and a small number of society journals)
  • 10% discount on Hybrid Open Journals (not including Lancet and Cell Press journals and a small number of society journals
  • Lead author must use a email address and the invoice should be sent to the individual researcher NOT to the institution

Open Library of Humanities

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