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Moody Media Lab

Recording studios, A/V media equipment loans, VR/AR lab. We've got great stuff for your multimedia projects.

Welcome to the Editing Station!

The Moody Media Lab Editing Stations are 3 different workstations for all of your digital editing and post-production work. These include 2 Dell Precision workstations and an iMac Retina 5K. This guide will provide details for logging into the workstations and selecting the editing software you'll need to take your media project to the next level! If you're looking for help with production, editing, or ideas, we have other guides that can provide you with more details on that.


Lamppost: Media Lab Basics
This guide introduces the basics of digital production through detailed instructions on setting up an editing station in the Moody Media Lab. It is intended as a supplement to your exploration of the space and the joys of creative modes of thinking through digital production. If you would like to dive further into concepts explored here, explore our other guides listed below to expand your understanding of the editing stations and production to light bulb and spotlight levels of literacy. To learn more about our library literacies initiative and our tiered approach to literacies, see our guide.


The Space

Three editing stations in the media lab.



Step 1

Log onto the workstation you have reserved using your Bear ID.

Step 2

Select the appropriate editing software for the project you are working on.

Step 3

Import your project our save a new project to an external drive or your Baylor Box Account to ensure your files are accessible after you leave the space.

Clean Up

Step 1

Save your work to a USB drive or your Baylor Box account.

Step 2

Sign out of and close all programs.

Step 3

Logout of the workstation.

For Mac: Select the Apple logo in the upper left corner of the screen and scroll down to the "Log Out user" option at the bottom of the menu and click.

For PC: Select the "Logout" desktop item.

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