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Moody Makerspace

Makerspace Manager

KJ Mikulencak

Pronouns: she/her

Favorite Tool: Good ol' Compound Miter Saw 

Unicorn Tool: Sand Blaster ♥

Makerspace Expertise: Wrangling the student staff and coordinating assignments with Faculty 

Why I love Making: I love that I can create my own solutions to problems I encounter. Need somewhere to store your small collection of watercraft? Build a custom kayak rack! Have a mosquito problem down by the water? Build a bat house! Dining chairs are uncomfortable but cushions are expensive? Sew your own! With the right tools and a community of makers at your fingertips, you can build anything you want. 

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Student Staff

Scott Lee

Graduating Class: 2024

Major: Political Science

Favorite Tool: 3D Printers

Unicorn Tool: Resin 3D Printers

Makerspace Expertise: 3D Printing, Lasercutting, Painting

Why I love Making: I like making projects but I don't like math enough to be an engineer.

Michael Krayevsky

Graduating Class: 2024

Major: Cell and Molecular Biology

Pronouns: he/him

Favorite Tool: Impact Gun

Unicorn Tool: Jaws of Life

Makerspace Expertise: Digital Fabrication

Why I love Making: I love unlimited creativity and having an outlet to make all my ideas come to life!

Sam McCleery

Graduating Class: 2024

Major: Psychology

Pronouns: he/him

Favorite Tool: Rubber Mallet

Unicorn Tool: Milwaukee Drill

Makerspace Expertise: Providing entertainment and spreading joy within the hearts of our fellow makers!

Why I love Making: Making gives me the opportunity to get creative and think through encounters with different perspectives. Sometimes, you can improve a print’s quality by tinkering it to a different setting than what several others have previously used, or you may benefit from using a screwdriver every so often whereas you usually prefer a drill. Through making I have been able to broaden my horizons by seeing things through different lenses with each situation I approach.

Nikki Grace

Graduating Class: 2025

Major: Pre-PA track, Medical Humanities

Pronouns: she/her

Favorite Tool: 3D Printer

Unicorn Tool: Pottery Wheel studio

Makerspace Expertise: Helping out all students and instructors to the best of my ability! I love 3D printing and laser cutting, especially if someone has a project in mind. Want to make a cool presentation or final project? I'm your gal!

Why I love Making: I love setting a specific goal or task to achieve, and I can create something to solve the problem!

Joseph Wang

Graduating Class: 2025

Major: University Scholar

Pronouns: he/him

Favorite Tool: Glowforge

Unicorn Tool: Plasma Cutter

Makerspace Expertise: Laser Cutting, Digital Design

Why I love Making: I'm able to express my creativity in making stuff from scratch, and design cool ideas straight from my imagination both for fun and to solve problems

Karlsun Jennings

Graduating Class: 2024

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Favorite Tool: Deburr Tool

Unicorn Tool: Metal 3D Printer

Makerspace Expertise: Vinyl Cutter

Why I love Making: I love taking an idea and making it a reality

Aum Pandya

Graduating Class: 2026

Major: Bioinformatics, Pre Med

Pronouns: he/him

Favorite Tool: The humble computer

Unicorn Tool: The CNC mill 

Makerspace Expertise: Soldering, FDM printing, and Coding

Why I love Making: Making lets me fill a need wherever I find one, alongside just having fun with my friends, making cool things for gifts or pranks, and everything in between, while expressing your creativity, as well as helping your ideas take a physical form!

University Libraries

One Bear Place #97148
Waco, TX 76798-7148

(254) 710-6702