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ACC 5370: Tax Research

This page contains resources to assist students in researching tax-related topics.

When to cite

Researchers do not claim the ideas and words of other researcher s as their own.  Researchers should give credit where credit is due.

You cite material when:

  • You use the ideas or words of another
  • whether this use is a direct quote or is paraphrased

Citation ensures the accuracy of knowledge and protects intellectual property rights.

Publications Manual of the American Psychological Association, Sixth Edition.


If you find some information about a book or article that will help you in your research, but the Baylor Libraries don't own it - don't panic!  We have a department in the library (called InterLibrary Services) which provides a program called OsoFast through which you can request books and articles from other libraries. And it doesn't cost you anything!



If we don't have access to the full-text of an article either in print or online, click on the BUInfoLinks button located in the article record.  From there, click on "Request this article from OsoFast."  Log in with your Bear ID and password and submit your request. 

Make sure to get your requests for materials in early.  While it depends on where the original materials are located, articles are generally received in electronic form 3-4 days after they are requested. Books and other physical materials are received within 4 days to 2 weeks after they are requested.

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