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ENG 1301 Library Tools for ESL Learners

If English is your second language, the resources listed on this guide will point you to the sources that will help you improve your English while doing research for papers, assignments, and other college-level classes.

1000 - 2000 Level Classes

Most courses with numbers between 1000 and 2999 are designed to help you understand the basic ideas and techniques of the area of study. Papers or assignments for these courses can usually be completed by using what we call a multi-disciplinary database. Information you find on the Internet using Google will not be good sources for your papers, even at this level of class. So use the databases the Libraries provide to get the best sources.

A database will collect information from many sources and organize it so  you can find journal articles, book information, and book reviews easily. They do this by providing subjects or tags which you can search.

There are several good general databases which Baylor subscribes to, but there are a few which will read aloud the article to you. So these are a good one to use to help you understand English. I've listed these below. To have the article read to you, click on the article's title and look for the LISTEN button.

Use the tips and ideas from the "Planning Your Paper" tab to select keywords to search in the database listed below.

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