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EDP 4352 Exceptionalities

About Reference Materials

For research in this course, you will at some point need background information on a specific exceptionality or institution. There are many sources of this kind of reference material. Below you will find some useful reference sources in both print and electronic formats.

Lists of Education Reference Materials

The links above lead to lists of different kinds of education reference materials. Keep in mind you can modify these searches using the buttons at the top. For example, it may be useful to do a search OUTSIDE of items from other disciplines by removing and/or replacing the "education" subject heading. 

Here's how you could make a useful alteration of the first list: 

  1. Click on the "Education Encyclopedias" link
  2. Click on "Modify Search" on the results page
  3. Delete "d:(education)" from the search 
  4. In the next line, keep AND as the Boolean operator, but add the keyword "child"
  5. In the third line, keep AND, but add "psychology" (or perhaps "development" or "disability" or anything useful!)
  6. Run the search with the new keywords to find encyclopedias of child psychology, etc.

General Education Statistics

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