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FAS 1311 Modern Languages, Cultures, and Global Communities

Exploratory Searching

It is important to note that when you start to think about what voice you want to represent, your searching and researching will be exploratory.  Research is often not a linear process, but it's even more so when you are exploring a topic.  Your research will take you off on rabbit trails as you learn new information.  You may often need to go back and search places you have already search before with the new information you have uncovered.  Don't lose heart!  Each round of searching will lead you closer to the topic you will eventually present to your classmates.

Photo by Andreas Chu on Unsplash

Find Voices in Books & Articles


When you are looking for books, use the search tips below to find primary sources

To quickly locate a particular type of primary source in most online catalogues use the following terms as SUBJECT rather than "Any field" terms:


Biography (this would not be in the first person, however)






Oral History

Personal Narratives (this is only used for accounts of disease or conflict/war)

Entries for countries and regions are usually subdivided by century.  If you are looking for what is available to document general social or intellectual trends in a period, search for the country's formal name (Great Britain, not "England") followed by the century designation: Great Britain 15th century.  Major events in any century will often have a subheading of their own: Great Britain World War 1914 - 1918.

You can use the subheading Sources with these time period designations as well: Hundred Years War 1339 1453 Sources

To search for a keyword and a subject heading, but the keyword in "Any field" and the subject term in the "Subject" field.

Find voices in the Newspapers

Find Voices in Video

Find Voices in Literature

Use this link to find the call number ranges for literature from different language regions around the world.  You can use these call number ranges to browse for literature in different langauges at the Baylor Litbraries.

P: Languages & Literatures

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