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Nursing LRC Tools for Success: Models and Kits at the Nursing LRC

Nursing Students Guide for the Baylor University Louise Herrington School of Nursing Learning Resource Center

Nursing LRC Models, Kits, and Posters

A notebook showing pictures of models, kits and games is available at the Nursing LRC Information Desk. Kits and most of the models are shelved at the Information Desk.  

A few models are on display around the NLRC.  Many of the smaller models come in carrying cases.

Nursing Kits

Glo Germ Kit    Kit 1

Child Nutrition Set 1- 3 years (2)    Kit 2 and 3

Mexican Food Set    Kit 4

Fruit Set    Kit 5

Supplemental Food Set (2)   Kit 6 and 7

Three Square Meals Food set   Kit 8

Diabetic Food Exchange, Pt. 1    Kit 9 Pt. 1

Diabetic Food Exchange, Pt. 2    Kit 9 Pt. 2

Breast Self-Exam    Kit 10  

Glo Germ Kit   Kit 11

SpinSmart Nutrition Game     Kit 12

Female Pelvis Contraceptive Model    Kit 13

Economy Condom Teaching Model     Kit 14

SpinSmart Physical Activity Game   Kit 15

Childbirth Model Set: Pelvis, Fetal Doll, Perineum, Placenta and Cervical Dilatation Plastic Chart   Kit 16

In Her Shoes: Living With Domestic Violence    Kit 17

Fat Facts: Mexican Foods Test Tubes   Kit 18

Fat Facts: Saturated and Unsaturated Test Tubes   Kit 19

Fat Facts: Fast Foods Test Tubes   Kit 20

Fat Facts: Snack Foods Test Tubes   Kit 21

Fat Facts: Vending Machine Test Tubes   Kit 22

Hidden Sugar Facts Test Tubes   Kit 23

Sugar Facts   Kit 24

Nursing Posters

Posterior Position and Rotation     WQ 300 P857 2004

Pelvic Station    WQ 300 P393 2008

Cardinal Movements    WQ 300 C267 2004

Progress in Labor    WQ 300 P965 2004

Risks of Obesity   WD 210 R595 2004

The Human Placenta     WQ 212 D187 1988

Road Map of Labor   WQ 300 S612 2003

The Human Placenta   WQ 212 D187 1997

Epidural Anesthesia: Technology & Intervention  
WO 450 B687 1996

The Effect of Giving Birth on the Muscles of the Pelvic Floor  
WQ 300 D187 1999

Episiotomy   WQ 300 D187 2004

Active Birthing Positions   WQ 300 A188 2008

Nursing Models

Placental Circulation   Model 1

Fat Chunk Set (1 lb & 5 lb)   Model 2  

Muscle Chunk Set (1 lb & 5 lb)   Model 3

Human Heart Reproduction   Model 4

Female Pelvis with Ligaments, Vessels, Nerves, Pelvic Floor, Organs Model   Model 5

University Libraries

One Bear Place #97148
Waco, TX 76798-7148

(254) 710-6702