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This guide overviews the general resources available at or through Baylor University Libraries for students of Philosophy.

What's Available at Baylor?

If you'd like to limit your search to physical books available in person at the library, filter by "Held by library" and limit the Resource Type to "Books".

You might begin by searching items on the subject of philosophy or searching for a keyword or phrase, such as a figure, e.g., Elizabeth Anscombe, or a particular topic, e.g., the mind-body problem.

Finding Additional Resources

Sometimes, you cannot find what you need in Baylor's catalog, whether you are looking for a specific book or are having trouble finding resources on a specific topic. When this happens, there are a number of ways to search beyond the library's collections.

Perhaps the easiest way, is simply to filter your search in OneSearch to "Add results beyond BU Libraries".

You may also find better results searching other catalogs:

Interlibrary Loans

If you find a book or article that will help you in your research, but the Baylor Libraries don't own itdon't panic!  We have a department in the library, called InterLibrary Services (ILS), which provides a program called OsoFast through which you can request books and articles from other libraries. ILS will borrow the item from another library on your behalf, whether a physical book or a digital copy of an article, and it doesn't cost you anything!

You can either place your request manually through OsoFast or by clicking through a search result on OneSearch or WorldCat, which will open the request up in OsoFast but will fill out the request for you. From OneSearch, in an item record, select OSOFAST from How to get it. From WorldCat you can either click BUInfoLinks to open the item up in OneSearch or you can click directly to Request Item through Interlibrary Loan. However you click through to place the request, log in with your Bear ID and password when prompted, fill out any missing details, and then submit your request.

Make sure to get your requests for materials in early.  While it depends on where the original materials are located, articles are generally received in electronic form 3–4 days after they are requested. Books and other physical materials are received within 4 days to 2 weeks after they are requested.

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