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Video Games & Game Studies: Scholarly Resources

This is a guide for students researching video games and game studies.

Good Keywords

Some good keywords to use when searching through the scholarly databases.  (Be aware that different databases may have different terms depending on their discipline.)

  • Video games/ Video gamers / Video gaming
  • Computer games
  • Electronic games
  • Internet games
  • Digital technology
  • Narrative structure
  • Interactive fiction
  • Interactive media
  • Role playing games
  • Social media
  • Video game industry
  • First-person shooters
  • Violence in video games
  • Video game addiction
  • Video games & teenagers
  • Video games & children


Because game studies is interdisciplinary, there are many different types of databases listed here, from Academic Search Complete, which is itself an interdisciplinary database, to ones from computer science, communication studies, mass media, psychology, business, literature and more.

Individual Journals

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