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FYS 1399 Terrorism & Political Violence: Country Specific Info By Region

Country or Nationality Specific Books Sources

We have a series of books which all start with the title Historical Dictionary of . . . . (country name).  So if you search BearCat Historical Dictionary of Palestine you will find two entries, one for the print book in the Jones Reference area and one for the e-book which you can access 24/7 (only one person at a time may view most ebooks).  This series provides brief information on people, organizations, incidents, etc. which will help you narrow your search or provide additional search terms for your research.  I've linked to a few of them below.

Similarly you can search for Encyclopedia of Ireland or Encyclopedia of Irish and find useful background resources for a country or nationality. There are a few linked below as samples.

Table of Contents

Use the links below to get to a specific country, region or group.

Global Information

Country Information

U.S. Government Documents: Country Information

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