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Understanding Art/Photography Call Numbers: TR-PHOTOGRAPHY

A Helpful guide to the magic behind call numbers for library materials in the arts









Subclass TR 

TR1-1050 Photography

TR1-15 -- Dictionaries, Histories, etc.

TR150 -- Photographers' reference handbooks

TR179 -- Composition

TR183 -- Psychology, aesthetics, etc.

TR187 -- Photographic criticism

TR250-265  Cameras

TR287-500  Photographic processing.  Darkroom technique

TR504-508  Transparencies.  Diapositives

TR510-545  Color photography

TR550-581  Studio and laboratory

TR590-620  Lighting

TR624-835  Applied photography (including artistic, commercial, medical photography, photocopying processes)

TR845-899  Cinematography.  Motion pictures

TR925-1050 Photomechanical processes





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