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Understanding Art/Photography Call Numbers: NK-DECORATIVE ARTS

A Helpful guide to the magic behind call numbers for library materials in the arts



Subclass NK

 NK1-(9990) Decorative arts

NK1-570  General

NK600-806  History

NK1135-1149.5  Arts and crafts movement

NK1160-1590  Decoration and ornament.  Design

NK1160-1174   General

NK 1175-(1498)   History

NK1505-1535   General works

NK1548-1590   Special subjects for design

NK1648-1678  Religious art

NK1700-2195 Interior decoration.  House decoration

NK1700-2138 General.  History, etc. Including special rooms

NK2140-2180 Decorative painting

NK2190-2192 Church decoration

NK2200-2750 Furniture

NK2775-2898 Rugs and carpets

NK2975-3049 Tapestries

NK3175-3296.3 Upholstery.  Drapery

NK3375-3496.3 Wallpapers

NK 3600-(9990) Other arts and art industries

NK3700-4695 Ceramics

NK4700-4890 Costume

NK5100-5440 Glass

NK5500-6060 Glyptic arts

NK6400-8459 Metalwork

NK8800-9505.5 Textiles

NK9600-9955 Woodwork

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