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Understanding Art/Photography Call Numbers: NE-PRINT MEDIA

A Helpful guide to the magic behind call numbers for library materials in the arts


Subclass NE 

NE1-3002 Print media


NE1-978 Printmaking and engraving

NE1-90 General

NE218-(330) Engraved portraits. Self-portraits

NE380 Conservation and restoration of prints

NE390-395 Collected works

NE400-773 History of printmaking

NE830-898 General works

NE951-962 Special subjects

NE965-965.3 Tradesmen's cards

NE970-973 Study and teaching

NE975-975.4 Competitions

NE977-978 Equipment

NE1000-1352 Wood engraving

NE1000-1027 General

NE1030-1196.3 History

NE1220-1233 General works

NE1310-1326.5 Japanese prints

NE1330-1336 Linoleum block prints

NE1340 Fish prints

NE1344-1345 Potato prints

NE1350-1352 Other materials used in relief printing

NE1400-1879 Metal engraving

NE1400-1422 General

NE1620-1630 General works

NE1634-1749 History

NE1750-1775 Copper engraving

NE1850-1879 Color prints

NE1940-2232.5 Etching and aquatint

NE1940-1975 General

NE1980-2055.5 History

NE2120-2140 General works

NE2141-2149 Special subjects

NE2220-2225 Dry point

NE2236-2240.6 Serigraphy

NE2242-2246 Monotype (Printmaking)

NE2250-2570 Lithography

NE2685-2685.8 Lumiprints

NE2690 Engraving on glass

NE2800-2880 Printing of engravings

NE3000-3002 Copying art. Copying machine art

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