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Understanding Art/Photography Call Numbers: NB-SCULPTURE

A Helpful guide to the magic behind call numbers for library materials in the arts


Subclass NB

NB1-1952 Sculpture

NB1-50 General

NB60-1115 History  - Including collective biography

NB1120-1133 Study and teaching

NB1134-1134.4 Competitions

NB1135-1150 General works

NB1160-1195   Designs and technique

NB1199-1200 Restoration of sculptures

NB1203-1270 Special materials

NB1272-1291 Mobiles, color, sculpture gardens, etc.

NB1293-1895 Special forms

NB1293-1310 Portrait sculpture

NB1312-1313 Equestrian statues

NB1330-1685 Sculptural monuments

NB1750-1793 Religious monuments and shrines

NB1800-1880 Sepulchral monuments

NB1910-1952 Special subjects


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