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Legacy RefWorks: Web of Science

Steps for Importing Records into RefWorks from Web of Science -- Direct Export

Web of Science is an excellent interdisciplinary databasefor high quality scholarly resources. Use these steps top place citations from Web of Science into RefWorks.

Note:  If the records you wish to export from WOS are on a single search results page, you can bypass instructions 4 through 8 below.  Simply mark your records, click on the "more options" link (displays just above the beginning of the citations, on the right), select the fields to include in the export (step 2) and click on the "Save" button associated with "Other Reference Software" in the drop-down menu (step 3).  Import the file following the instructions starting at #10 below.

  1. Select “Electronic Resources” from the “Books, Articles & More” menu and look for and click on the link to “Web of Science”.
  2. Search a topic of interest.
  3. From the search results page, mark a few records by clicking on the checkbox to the left of each citation and then clicking on the "Add to Marked List" button located at the top or bottom of the display.
  4. Click on the "Marked List" link (at the top of the display) when you are ready to export.
  5. On the Marked Records page in the Step 1 area, select the fields you want to include in the export.
  6. For Step 2, make sure the "Field Tagged" and "Other Reference Software" options are selected
  7. Click the "Save to File" button.
  8. You will be prompted to save a .txt file to your computer.  Give this file a name you will remember and save it on your computer. Click Save and then close the window.
  9. Log in to RefWorks.
  10. From the "References" menu, select "Import".
  11. From the “Import Filter/Data Source” menu, select “Baylor University”.
  12. From the “Database” menu select Web of Science [ISI].
  13. Click the “Browse” button and select the text file you saved and click on “Open”.
  14. Click the “Import” button at the bottom of the screen.
  15. Records will import into RefWorks, one * for each record.
  16. On the next web page, click the “View Last Imported Folder” button to view the records.
  17. When references are first imported, that is the best time to edit them and associate them with the appropriate subject folders.

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