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Legacy RefWorks: Quick Tips

Additional Tips

Unable to Enter Content in Record

This is a known issue with Internet Explorer, version 9.  IE9 no longer recognizes the coding RefWorks uses to enable users to edit rich text fields that provide the ability to format them, e.g. bold, underline, italics, etc. Until this issue is resolved, either use another browser with RefWorks (Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari) or set IE9 to work in "Compatibility View".

  1. Login to your RefWorks account.
  2. Click on the un-highlighted "Compatibility View" icon on the right side of the address bar (see the top image to the right).
  3. The web page will reload with the "Compatibility View" turned on and the icon will now display in blue (see the bottom image to the right).
  4. To turn off "Compatibility View", click on the (now) blue "Compatiblity View" icon.
  5. The web page will reload with the "Compatibility View" turned off and the icon will again display as un-highlighted.
  6. This video from Microsoft provides additional information about "Compatibility View" in IE9.

Converting Write-N-Cite III Word Documents to Write-N-Cite 4

  • Because WNC III displays the coding used by RefWorks to format documents for specified output styles and WNC 4 does not, any Word documents you have that used WNC III need to be converted to work with WNC 4.
  • When you open a Word document that used WNC III, a window will appear asking if you want to "Convert", "Remove Field Codes", or "Close".
  • Select "Convert" to convert the document to WNC 4 format.  If you remove the field codes, the document will no longer contain the information needed to format it with an output style in RefWorks.  If you close the document, no changes will be made.

 Global Editing Techniques

  • Under the "Search" menu, use the "By Author", "By Descriptor", "By Periodical" functions to standardize author names, descriptors, and periodical names across your database.
  • Global Edit – A good way to add, move, replace, or delete the same data to a group of records.
    • Append to Existing Data (adds the information to the existing field)
    • Overwrite Existing Data (overwrites any information in the existing field)
    • Leave Existing Data Alone (adds information only to field where there is no information)

Preview Output Style

  • Found under the "Bibliography" menu.
  • Use to see how citations will appear using a specific output style.
  • Turn off  “Use References from your account” because the sample references should be more complete.

Print Feature

  • Use to print a bibliography that overrides the output style sort.
  • Go to a list of references; sort them the way you want them; click on the “Print References” link found on the "Quick Access" menu to the right; select the output style.


  • Backup your RefWorks account on your personal computer
  • .rwb file can only be used to restore data to your RefWorks account

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