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Biblical Studies Research

Types of Biblical Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

The 21st century biblical scholar is blessed with an abundance of biblical dictionaries and encyclopedias designed to assist their grappling with the text and its meaning.

Most of the biblical dictionaries you will find in BU Libraries' reference holdings fall into one of two classes: 1) Dictionaries focused on the biblical text, its world, cognate literature and social milieu 2) Dictionaries focused on the biblical interpreter, schools of thought, methods of interpretation and interpretive history.

For convenience, we will nominate dictionaries of the first class as Bible Dictionaries proper and those of the second, Dictionaries of Biblical Interpretation.

The sub tabs of this unit showcase some of the biblical dictionaries you may wish to consult for your assessments later this semester.

Please take a few minutes to review thetabs and familiarize yourself with these resources.

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