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Canvas Course Design Templates

Canvas Course Design Templates

How do I Modify Templates

Now that you have a template copied into your course site, you may be asking how to customize the template to fit your needs.  Four simple tips to begin modifying your template include:

  • Adding & Editing Pages. Add new pages, assignments, or modules by using the “+” button from the modules page.  Use the edit button on any page to replace the content with your own.
  • Delete Extra Pages and Assignments. The templates provide a variety of example pages and assignments which you may not need.  Delete or unpublish any assignments that you do not use so that they will not be displayed in the Canvas gradebook.
  • Review the Policies. A lot of course policies have been included to meet quality course standards, but you should be sure to review them and edit them to meet your course needs.
  • Talk to an Instructional Designer. If you have any questions or need assistance with modifying a course template, we are here to help.

You can also find a wealth of information on everything Canvas, including instructions for modifying a course, in the Canvas Guides.  In addition, Learning Design recommends that faculty attend our hands-on Canvas Trainings to learn more about using and teaching with Canvas.

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